5-Star Family Reunion



Nick Knowles


12 Yard and Boom Cymru for BBC One, 25 July 2015 to 15 October 2016 (15 episodes in 2 series)


Win money and a holiday before a Newton's cradle stops moving.

A family of four is in the UK studio, and four relatives appear by satellite link from somewhere foreign. In the final round, the UK family will be able to win a luxury reunion for all eight.

Good morning foreign family you've not seen in years!

Before that, there are four rounds to earn money. The family overseas is asked five multiple-choice questions, each right answer raises a ball in a Newton's cradle. The producers choose specialist subjects, the UK players choose who answers on which subject. The players may also raise the ball by one step, once in the game.

When the ball is released, the Newton's cradle springs into life. It clicks and clacks, and the ball at the far end flies up. Then it falls back, clicks and clacks, and the original ball flies up. But all that clicking and clacking is costing energy, and the balls don't fly as high each time. Eventually, the ball won't break a thin laser beam, and that ends the round.

While this is happening, Nick Knowles asks questions to the player, on the subject assigned to them. The first right answer is worth £1000, then £2000 and £3000. Answers four and five win no money, but the sixth answer scoops the jackpot for the round - £5000 in the first two rounds, £10,000 in the last two.

Nick asks the questions.

The grand final rotates questions between all four UK players. They win the prize with five correct answers before the balls stop moving.

We learn little about the players, and find out more about the interaction of the overseas family than the people in the studio. The money rounds are blatant filler, they have no effect on the title's reunion.

Theme music

Will Slater is credited for "original music".


Sometimes billed as Five Star Family Reunion.

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