5NO Brass Band Contest





BBC 5NO Newcastle, 14 November 1925, November? 1926, 30 July and 17 December 1927


The early days of broadcasting brought few competitive programmes, but the BBC's Newcastle station did organise its own brass band contest in 1925. Details are thin on the ground, but the contest seems to have been successful enough to encourage further experiments in the same vein. We know there was a second contest in 1926 as Radio Times subsequently listed a series of concerts by the top three bands, who sadly were not identified in the billings.

We are not sure whether the July 1927 contest was organised by the station (they may have just covered an existing one) but the December 1927 one surely was, given its gimmick of having the judge (identified as Mr. Tom Morgan) listen not in person at Newcastle Town Hall but remotely by radio.


1925: Leasingthorne Colliery Prize Band

Both the winners and the runners-up, Spencers Steel Works Band, subsequently featured in their own concerts for 5NO.

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