A Room with a Clue



Fi Glover


Team captains: Ian McMillan and Brian Sewell


UK Style, 5 April 2000 to 2001


Two teams, consisting of a regular team celebrity and a guest (of the magnitude of, say, Paul Roseby and Magenta DeVine) play a noughts and crosses game on a computerised gameboard shaped like a house. Each team would take it in turns to pick a room. Inside that room, certain objects would be marked. The team would select one of these objects, and that object would be a clue to the subject of the question that would be asked. Correct answers earnt points and ownership of the room, three in a row meant a point bonus. Questions revolved around food, flowers, fashion, interior design and other issues of pressing national importance.

These seemed to be some sort of bonus at the end where the players were given points for witty entries into a guestbook. We also remember the host being quite tart, generally. Then again, she did have to work with Nicky Campbell at Five Live.


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