Alan Coren




Call My Bluff (team captain)

Cuckoo in the Nest (regular panellist)

The News Quiz (panellist)

Television Scrabble


British satirist who could be trusted to trot out a bon mot on many a panel game. Of particular note, in terms of his TV work, was his long-running role as a team captain on the late-90s/early 2000s version of Call My Bluff, in which he had a brilliant rapport with the opposing captain Sandi Toksvig, although unfortunately rather less so with the latter's successor, Rod Liddle. He used to edit the Listener and Punch magazines. He wrote over 20 books (including several by the ageing comedian's friend, Robson Books) and had a newspaper column in the Times for over 20 years.

He died of cancer on 19 October 2007, aged 69.


He was the father of poker player Victoria Coren, and toe-curling journo and 500 Questions host Giles Coren. Still, one out of two isn't bad, is it?

He was known as 'The Sage of Cricklewood', the area in which he lived.

He served as Rector of the University of St Andrews from 1973 to 1976, and was succeeded in the post by Frank Muir.

After his death, it was reported that his estate (before tax) totalled £3.2 million.

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