All About You



Barry Westwood


Associated-Rediffusion for ITV, 14 June to 20 September 1966


A sort of primitive Test the Nation-type playalong quiz, on a different subject each week. Viewers could compare their answers against the results of a Gallup poll of 1000 people.

Test titles included (in running order):

  • How easily are you fooled?
  • How brave are you?
  • How ambitious are you?
  • How "with-it" are you?
  • How patriotic are you?
  • How prejudiced are you?
  • Your health rating (a two-part special).
  • Are you fit to vote?
  • How safe are you?
  • How good a witness are you?
  • How good are you with children?
  • Can you believe your eyes and ears?
  • How sentimental are you?




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