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Ace of Clubs (contestant)

Chain Letters

Scotland's Best Dog (voiceover)


Glasgow-born comedian and impressionist. Began as a singer/entertainer, becoming one of the youngest people to have their own Scottish TV series, Hello, Good Evening and Welcome (Sir David Frost's catchphrase). He appeared nationally on LWT's impressions show Copy Cats (with Andrew O'Connor).


He once co-starred with Petula Clark in Canada. Well, someone has to.

He was on the bill of Live From Her Majesty's on the night that Tommy Cooper suffered a fatal heart attack in the middle of his act.

On stage, he's played the part of Al Jolson in both Jolson (taking over from Brian Conley) and Jolson & Co.

Both of Stewart's kids are famous musos; his daughter Kate oozed into the top five of the UK Singles Chart on Oliver Heldens' Koala, while David wrote BTS' Dynamite, which made it to number three.

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