Answers Please



Neville "Nick" Barker


Scorer: Muriel Young


Associated-Rediffusion for ITV, 21 February 1957 to 1958


Live quiz broadcast live from Associated-Redifussion Wembley Studios. "Answers Please" was a news quiz for late teeneage youth club members - two teams of three competing against each other from They Think it's All Over-style desks, separated by the presenter and Scorer, a youthful Muriel Young.

A few minutes before the show, contestants were shown a black and white newsreel compilation which formed the basis of the questions asked during the show. Points were given and, at the end, converted into cash (approx. £10 for losers, £50 for winners). This prize money was for the clubs, not the individual players, and supposed to be spent on things like sports equipment.

Celebrity guests, such as Terry Spinks (boxer in the 1956 Olympics), came on in connection with one of the items.


This was one of the less celebrated programmes devised to fill the 6pm slot created by the abolition of the toddlers' truce.

Former contestant Bob Edwards writes: "It was broadcast in the same studio as "Cool for Cats", presented by Kent Walton, later of wrestling fame. My part of the desk was joined to Kent Walton's and we sat side by side during both shows, though neither of us appeared in the other's! The show was quite popular and lasted one series, I think."


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