Are You an Egghead?



Dermot Murnaghan


12 Yard for BBC Two, 20 October 2008 to 23 November 2009 (62 episodes in 2 series)


Contest to find another know-it-all to join the Eggheads team on a rotating basis. Two individuals compete in each programme and the game is played along similar lines to the parent show, each round being three multiple-choice questions. The winner of each round gets to select an Egghead to join their team for the final general knowledge round, which is the extended five-questions-each version. The Eggheads are used as lifelines (though the word itself isn't used) and can be consulted once each.

The questions feel more difficult (or at least, more consistently difficult) than in Eggheads itself, and ironically enough, there's actually a stronger feeling of intellectual combat between two individuals in this spin-off than there has ever been in the parent show. Unfortunately it's let down by the pace, which is as slow as ever. We were also a little disappointed that 12 Yard couldn't get more veteran quiz champs to compete, as this looked like it had the potential to be a major brain-of-brains contest along the lines of Grand Slam or The People's Quiz. Although a lot of the contestants have been on Mastermind, University Challenge, Fifteen-to-One and the like, there aren't that many big winners or regular contestants, perhaps because the prize is surely something of a poisoned chalice which is probably going to ruin your chances of getting on to other quiz shows.


"Don't put all your Eggheads in one basket!" - which is so cheesy, even Dermot can't say it without sounding embarrassed.

After going through the rules for the final round, Dermot also asks "Do you understand?". He's taking tips from Nick Ross, it would seem.


2008: Barry Simmons
2009: Pat Gibson


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