Are You the One? UK



Joelah Noble


Lighthearted Entertainment for MTV, 8 August 2022 to present


MTV's super-boffins reckon they know everything. How to have a hit record, how to make a better bit of butter, how to run a music channel while showing zero music videos.

And, most importantly, MTV's super-boffins reckon they know the perfect romantic partner for everyone on the planet. By a fantastic coincidence, many of the perfect pairings were amongst applicants for Are You the One?. What are the chances of that, eh?

So the MTV super-boffins pair the contestants up. But the contestants don't know who their perfect matches are. Surely, if the matches are as perfect as they claim, it would be obvious - but evidently not.

Over the course of the series, the contestants go on dates with partners determined by random chance and/or competitions. One (or more) of the pairs go to a "truth booth", where they're told if they are a correct match. Once a match is found, the couple need not take part in any more matchmaking games.

At the end of each episode, the contestants pair up in a "matching ceremony" and learn how many perfect matches they have, but not which matches are correct. In some overseas versions, the prize gets reduced if the players fail to identify any matches other than those already confirmed in the "truth booth"; it remains to be seen whether or not our version implements this.

By the end of the series, if the players are all properly matched, they split a potential € 200.000; if they aren't, the couples leave with nothing but rancour.

Basically, it's the peg-game Mastermind with the added complication that one of the slots is irrationally attracted to the orange peg and won't let it go.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


Based on Are You the One? which has been airing on MTV's American channel since 2014.


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