Bacha Hi O'Ma



Alwyn Sion


Antena Television for S4C, 28 September 1991 to 3 February 1997 (6 series)


Welsh take on Blind Date. Young people choose partners by answering questions correctly and the winning couple from each programme returned following a romantic dinner for two.

In the first half, three women would compete for four men. The men were presented, pretending to be "hooked" to a contraption on a slowly-rotating turntable. Each woman selected a man on their buzzer (based purely on their looks) which stopped the turntable at their selection, then had to answer a question correctly to keep her ‘catch’. Once all three women had made their selection, the remaining man was eliminated.

A quiz between the three women would then take place, but the women (on a correct answer), could swap her man for one of the others. An incorrect answer meant Alwyn would play matchmaker and force a switch. At the end of this, the three pairs were formed and the studio audience voted on which pair they thought were the best couple. The winner would go to the final.

On to the second half of the show, and now three men had to select from the choices on the turntable: three women in wicker baskets hanging from the aforementioned hooks, plus the one rejected man from earlier. Again, buzz in for a woman, answer a question correctly to keep their ‘catch’. Only when the three new couples are formed does the last man leave us. (It is possible for a badly timed buzzer to select the rejected man – cue laughter from the audience.)

A new quiz, with the men on the buzzers and the women being moved around. At the end, another vote from the audience and one couple would return for the final.

The final was the ‘Heart Beat’ challenge. The two members of each couple were joined at the hip and made to run down a flight of stairs to reach a buzzer at the bottom, while Alwyn asked the first question. A correct answer meant that couple would climb to the top of the stairs again, then the questions continued, with the couple giving the last correct answer at the top or the side giving the last incorrect answer at the bottom. This sometimes meant both couples moving, one up, one down, while Alwyn asked the next question. Whoever was at the top when time expired won the show, the other couple being thrown out. Correct answers in the final earned cash and the winning couple kept the cash, plus won a romantic dinner at a Welsh restaurant. Couples returned for semi-finals and even a final, with the winning couple at the end of the series winning a Caribbean holiday.


The title meant "Sling your hook" and whenever losing couples had to leave the show, the audience would say this as they left.


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