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Sally James and Lennie Bennett


BBC / Rene Stovkis Productions for BBC1, 1 January 1986


Anglo-Dutch co-production in which ten teams of "British eccentrics" went to Volendam in the Netherlands to compete in a version of a popular Dutch show - basically a version of The Great Egg Race with more competitors than usual. There were probably some Dutch teams involved too. The task was to build a machine capable of climbing a steep ramp and then crossing fifteen metres of water to ring a bell.

A series was planned, but never happened.


The British teams were: Champagne Charlies (Liverpool), Brunel Old Boys (And A Girl), Bristol Dental Teachers, Wirral Haematology, The Radcliffe Sword (Sussex), Geoff Shoesmith 's Rotary Motion, Life Support (Yorkshire), The Bath Charioteers, The Kent Teachers, and The Swansea Jacks.


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