Boot Sale Challenge



Lorne Spicer (LWT & Carlton)

Ted Robbins (Granada)

Julie Peasgood (Meridian)


London News Network for LWT (regional), 7 August 1998 to 4 June 2000 (21 episodes in 3 series)

LNN Factuals for Carlton (regional), 4 January 2002 to 13 February 2004 (45 episodes in 3 series)

Regional versions: Granada, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, Border, Anglia and Meridian, 2003-4


London regional show apparently similar to Bargain Hunt but - get this! - actually predating it by a good twenty months.


Several ITV regions ended up producing their own versions of BSC. Ted Robbins hosted the Granada version and Julie Peasgood hosted the Meridian version. Other regions that joined in were Tyne Tees, Yorkshire and Anglia - or to put it in other words, the ITV stations that were owned by Granada before the ITV plc merger with Carlton (apart from Border). Needless to say after 2004, the series was axed across all former Granada regions.


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