Brainbox Challenge



Clive Anderson


Voiceover: Sarah Parnell


BBC Manchester for BBC Two, 25 February to 21 March 2008 (20 episodes in 1 series)


A brain training quiz in which contestants battle to prove themselves in games of memory, language, visual, numerical, and spatial skills. In each show, five different games are played, each one testing a different aspect of mental capacity. The champion is able to see their next potential opponent, and must decide whether to face them or walk away with their winnings, for failure will reduce them to their last safe level. The champion doesn't know their opponent's strengths, nor the topic of the next game.

The champion at the end of each show gets to play the Bonus Game, the Brainbox Challenge, which is a test of remembering the shape displayed two before the current one. There's £50 per shape correctly remembered, plus a bonus of £200 for a string of sixteen correct answers, but one wrong answer will stop the game. If a challenger makes it to a second Brainbox Challenge, then the game changes slightly as the contestant must remember both the shape and the number in the centre of it.

Combined with a string of wins in the regular game, the potential jackpot is £13,000.

The cash tree is:

£500Safe amount
£1500Safe amount
£4000Safe amount
£10000Safe amount


"Will you take the cheque, or take the challenge?"

Theme music

Matt Katz and Richard Webb


Originally, this show went out at 6:30pm after Eggheads, but after three weeks of unimpressive ratings, the final week was burnt off at 1pm.

Web links

BBC programme page, where niftily, many of the games from the show can be played. No money though.

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