Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour



Tupele Dorgu (voiceover)


Brendan Sheerin


12 Yard for Channel 4, 24 June to 19 July 2013 (20 episodes in 1 series)


Even before Coach Trip ran out of road, it became clear that indomitable tour guide Brendan was the star of the show. In this successor programme, Brendan has a bunch of strangers, they're on a coach, and they're going to an unknown destination. When they arrive, they'll be given something to do.

How is this different from Coach Trip? There, people were voted off the bus by their fellow travellers. Here, success in the daily task means players get to spend the night in a luxury hotal. Failure confines them to a less salubrious dorm room. The two best performers across the week are given one final challenge to win the star prize of £1000.


Josephine Brassey and Liz Gaskell

Theme music

Q Sonics

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