Brendan Courtney




Blind Date (ITV2 coverage)

The Look of Lurve

Love Match UK


Private Stars (voiceover)

Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV2 coverage)



Kind of Ireland's answer to Brian Dowling (erm...) who worked as a runner, researcher and producer before appearing in front of the camera, including presenting some of ITV2's output for a while. His ITV1 shows Love Match UK and The Look of Lurve are now a dim memory, although in Wanderlust he has the honour of devising the show with the cleverest title ever.

After presenting a self-titled chat show in Ireland, he now presents a revived version of The Clothes Show.


Once didn't turn up for a training course we were running, so nuts to him.


Michael Joyce Management, 4th Floor, 14 - 18 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4DA

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