Brides On a Bus



David Van Day


Bus driver: Charles Nove


Wedding TV, 15 February to ? 2010


Vehicle-based reality show with a title that represents either a desperate failure of imagination, or an oblique reference to Snakes On a Plane that we're going to be explaining to perplexed non-cinemagoers for years to come. Actually, that rather falsely implies the two possibilities are mutally exclusive, doesn't it? Anyway, rubbish title or not, it's on the front of the bus, so they can't change it now.

The game? Oh, right. David Van Day (from pop combo David Van Day's Bucks Fizz And Dollar Featuring David Van Day Show) officiates as a bunch of brides-to-be travel on a bus to Gretna Green, doing various tasks along the way in the hope of winning their dream wedding. Radio 2 newsreading legend Charles Nove lends a bit of class, we imagine.


Maddie Robinson


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