Celebs on the Farm



Stephen Bailey


GooWoo Media for 5STAR, 20 August 2018 - present

as Celebs on the Ranch, 1-12 April 2019 (10 episodes in 1 series)


A group of minor celebrities are put on a farm in East Sussex. They're given tasks to do around the place, and graded on their effort. Who is the best at milking cows? Which celeb makes the neatest hay bale? Who is the alpaca queen?

The worst at the tasks is eliminated each night, with a winner emerging at the end of the series. No public voting? No public voting, in part because we're not experts in how to shear a sheep, but mostly because the whole series was recorded months ago.

Channel 5's press people ambitiously boasted that this would fill a Love Island-shaped hole. It didn't, as the series flew under most people's radar. The show did do well enough to get a second series, and a spin-off at a dude ranch in Arizona.


Celebs on the Farm

2018 - Gleb Savchenko (Strictly Come Dancing professional)
2019 - to be aired

Celebs on the Ranch

2019 - Louie Spence (dancer)

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Official site (Celebs on the Ranch)

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The Farm, an earlier Channel 5 celebrities-do-farming competition.

Fferm Ffactor, S4C's long-running challenge for professional farmers and for celebrities.


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