City Limits Live



Rick Edwards and Kate Thornton


Melvin Odoom (London reporter) and other overseas correspondents


CNBC Europe, 20 September 2014


A travel programme, showing the "edgy" and "unusual" bits of leading European cities. "We'll show you the things in no tourist guidebook. You'll be the only goon in the village!" promised the host, a man so edgy he introduced himself by his Twitter handle.

To flesh out these tired old tourist tropes, the show asked its city guides to do some stunts we've seen a zillion times on Blue Peter. Go pole-vaulting over a dyke in Amsterdam! Take a decent picture! Persuade a group of tourists that you, Melvin Odoom, are better at acting than a street artist!

The show was broadcast live for absolutely no reason at all, the only interaction with the audience was precisely three tweets. All the outside broadcast inserts were recorded earlier. It didn't need to come from a set that looked like the London Live studio, and in spite of going out on a pan-European financial channel, probably had fewer viewers than the average London Live programme.

Key moments

Kate Thornton suggesting that Amsterdam had "soggy bottoms -- think Bake Off", at a time before Bake Off was big enough for foreign viewers to understand the reference.


Advertiser funded by Heineken beers, which explains the emphasis on clubs and places to drink alcohol.


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