Commando VIP



Voiceover: Ralph Ineson


RDF Television and IWC Media for Five, 19 October to 23 November 2005 (6 episodes in 1 series)


Contestants are pushed to their limits in gruelling physical missions pushed by three "proper" commandos, it says here. It sounds a little bit like the US show Boot Camp from its press release, but with one super secret twist you never would have considered - celebrities!


  • Nigel Benn (boxer and ex-soldier)
  • Steve Collins (boxer)
  • Lee Latchford Evans (ex-Steps singer)
  • Ryan Dunn (from Jackass, apparently)
  • Heather Peace (ex-Ultimate Force actor)
  • Jason Cowan (ex-Big Brother housemate. And the navy as well, if we recall correctly).


Filmed around Loch Rannoch, Scotland.


Image:Commando_vip_explosion.jpgCommando VIP: When Hider in the House Goes Bad
File:Commando vip 3shot.jpgThe wannabe Commandos are put through their paces
File:Commando vip bang.jpgJust like in the movies, running from an explosion requires you to leap into the air
File:Commando vip group.jpgThe competing Commandos
File:Commando vip lee off of steps.jpgHim off of Steps. No not him, the other one

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