Commuter Quiz


Geoffrey Wheeler


BBC East, 30 January 1984 to 25 February 1986 (20 episodes in 3 series)


Cultural note for our international readers: London is not big enough to fit everyone who works there. So instead they work in London but live in large housing estates otherwise known as Surrey and Essex.

These commuters, with nothing better to do in an overcrowded train carriage, would do crosswords to pass the time. Hence the theme for this quiz programme.

Teams of two, representing commuter towns in East Anglia, competed for the most peculiar trophy you've ever seen in the form of a railway signal. The format was based on a crossword grid with cryptic clues, and teams opted to answer a particular clue. Points were awarded dependent upon the number of letters in the answer.

It was a knockout competition, with seven programmes in a series.


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