Corner Shop Cook-Off



Clare Grogan


Gary Maclean (resident cook)


Mentorn Scotland for BBC Scotland, 19 February to 25 March 2020 (6 episodes in 1 series)


The former Masterchef The Professionals champion Gary Maclean takes on a series of other outstanding chefs.

Their challenge? Cook a three-course meal. Using ingredients from a small corner shop. And spending no more than £15. Every penny counts on this show.

For the viewer, there's a little challenge: can you guess what the ingredients might make as the chef buys them? There's also some soft education, little hints and tips we can use in everyday cooking.

Corner Shop Cook-Off Gary Maclean makes pasta with Clare Grogan.

Each course is judged by regulars of the shop and residents of the local community. The winner of the starter and main courses gets to choose a free ingredient from three that Clare picked out before the contest. Good luck using the fishfingers in your dessert...

As every show comes from somewhere different, we get to see all aspects of Scotland across the series. Everywhere, we get to enjoy Clare Grogan's sharp hosting: pleasant and witty, and happy to go wherever the cooking takes us.

Each show is a self-contained little drama, we find a winner, and we get to know a small community a little better.

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