Crossword on 2



Derek Hart

Peter Wheeler (stand-in)


BBC2, 21 April 1967 to 4 June 1968 (53 episodes in 1 series)


Series in which two teams each week (representing their home cities, with London divided into North, South, West and Central) competed to complete a giant crossword. The winner carried on to meet a new challenger the following week, and the eight top teams came back at the end of the series for a knockout phase culminating in a final battle between East Sussex and London (South). Plenty of word games have had long and distinguished runs on British TV; this never quite made the cut despite being given a generous initial run.


On 29 September 1967, the game between London (South) and Hull was the first British game show to be broadcast in colour, presumably given the black and white nature of crosswords (they wouldn't lose much if something went wrong and they had to revert to black and white).


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