Rob Butler


Bazal for Channel 5, 12 October 1998 to 1999 (as part of Good Afternoon)


Channel 5 Newsbloke Rob Butler leads two people through a mass of cheap TV in order to win a half-decent personal organiser. Some anagrams appear on screen, first person to get it gets the points, the more points the quicker it is got. After five anagrams, there are three general knowledge questions. And then more anagrams, more questions and so on until Crack The Cryptic.

A long phrase with no letters filled in is shown. They are also given a cryptic clue. Some of the words in the phrase are taken from the answers to the anagrams and questions. As letters are filled in, the points value drops so the quicker you get it, the higher the bonus.

So cheap, so cheerful... so Channel 5!


Genuine sample question - Category: Directions. Anagram: PU.

It originally aired as one third of Channel 5's portmanteau programme Good Afternoon, alongside Pets Go Public and a maternity ward docusoap called Liverpool Mums.


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