Emily Booth


Demo Girls Janine Foster and Melita


Zeal Television for five, 23 December 2002 to 3 January 2003 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Two teams smash things up against the clock and whoever did it the best won.

Emily with contestants.

There was usually some condition to the smashing though. One episode it would all have to fit into three barrels so they'd have to make everything as small as possible so they could get high density. Another week it would all have to fit through a small hole, say.

At points during the show weights would be taken and whoever was winning would get first pick of extra special demolition tools.

Emily talking to contestants.

Not wearing correct safety equipment meant sitting in a cage for ten minutes as punishment.


Another fine product of the Chatterbox Partnership.


File:Demolition carwrecking.jpgThe sparks are flying high.
File:Demolition emily solo.jpgA model stares into your soul.
File:Demolition_emily_withgirls.jpgEmily (centre) and the demo girls
File:Demolition tools.jpgA guy with tools.


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