Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life



Kelly Brook (also judge in series 2)


Judges: Jennifer Ellison (series 1), Miranda Garrison, Sean Cheesman (both series)


Granada for Living, 20 October 2007 to 19 November 2008 (21 episodes in 2 series)


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the film Dirty Dancing, 16 young British dancers (20 in the second series) are flown to the Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia, USA, where the film was shot, in order to compete in a dance competition to find the new Baby and Johnny.

Each episode sees the dancers paired into couples, who then undergo dance training and challenges, before performing in front of an audience made up of guests staying at the resort, and of course the judging panel. After their performances, the couple who is judged to have performed least well is eliminated, with the remaining couples progressing to the following week’s episode. Each episode follows broadly the same format, however each week sees the couples mixed up, allowing the dancers to work with different partners each week. The last remaining couple at the end of the series are declared the winners, and receive a year-long contract with Los Angeles dance agency BLOC.


2007: Amy Boyes & Jordan Darrell
2008: James Collins & Pamela Smith


Although originally commissioned as a one-off series to mark the 20th anniversary of the film, the series rated well, and was given a second run the following year.

Series 2 contestant Tobias Mead would later audition for the fourth series of Britain's Got Talent, being given a unanimous ‘yes’ from the judges in the first round.


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