Diwedd y Byd?



Rhydian Bowen Phillips


Boomerang for S4C, 24 July 2010 to 2011


It would appear that an alien invasion of Wales is imminent, so S4C fights back with a basic sit-down quiz with the usual general knowledge, logic questions and word games. That'll show 'em.

An innocent-looking but malicious space alien intent on destroying us all.

A team of three children is given a series of puzzles. Round 1 is a quiz in which the answers fill up a grid, in which is hidden a Welsh placename.

An example grid, showing the name "Harlech" reading down the centre column

Round 2 is your standard Call My Bluff-style definitions quiz.

A split-screen showing host Rhydian, the current question, the team, and - live from Outer Space - the alien leader

Round 3 is a picture/logic puzzle.

A picture puzzle

Then there's a multiple-choice quiz round and a guess-the-celebrity round.

An innocent-looking but malicious space alien intent on destroying us all.

Over these rounds, the team accumulates time for the endgame, in which they have to answer questions against the clock in order to destroy the alien death laser thingummies currently hovering over South Glamorgan.

The endgame. The display at top right represents the alien death laser whatnots that need to be destroyed.

Let's be honest, this is a stupendously humdrum sort of quiz show with a stupefyingly humdrum sort of host, and the inclusion of a nicely-designed puppet alien doesn't really do anything to disguise how humdrum it is, but we'll say one thing in its favour - it does have one of the best game show endings ever. But only if the team loses. If they win, they get, um, Gameboys or something, which is a bit meh. But if they lose, then the aliens attack the studio, there's general panic, and EVERYONE DIES. This is hilarious, obviously.

Rhydian being attacked by alien death beams.
And now S4C is closing down. FOREVER.


The title translates as End of the World?.


The studio.


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