Domesday Detectives



Paul Coia


BBC1, 1 to 19 December 1986 (15 episodes in 1 series)


Adventure/quiz type game.

The whole programmes was based around a hi-tech project, led by BBC Education, which was an attempt at a modern-day version of the original Doomesday Book. The discs contained information (history, photographs etc.) about local communities around Britain. Contestants used this in one of the rounds as an interactive treasure hunt. This, and possibly the 3-D walk-in gallery, is the only memorable feature of the programme.

Domesday was the first Advanced Interactive Video (AIV) system, and was stored on two double-sided 30cm LV-ROM (LaserVision) videodiscs. The disc format was extended for the purposes of the Domesday project, using a proprietary player that, it was hoped, would establish the new format.

Theme music

The introduction to 'A Forest' by The Cure, bizarrely.


Episodes premiered on BBC1 in a lunchtime slot of 12.25pm and were given a same-day repeat on BBC2 at 5pm.

Web links

On-line version of the 1986 Domesday Book


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