Double Cross

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Linda Papadopoulos and Tim Mellors


Voiceover: Rob Jarvis


12 Yard for five, 27 January to 21 February 2003 (20 episodes in 1 series)


12 Yard's simplest format by a country mile. Five people begin the game and they hold this multicoloured lightsabre stick thing. When they're told, they simultaneously make it light blue or red. They then split up and go into the colour room they have chosen where they can discuss who should be voted off (obviously it pays to have chosen the same room as the majority). After about ninety seconds, they do the same thing again, potentially giving someone who looked likely to be voted off a second chance with some fast talking and some luck.

Selecting a room - red or blue

They are then individually called to the white room to cast their vote and discuss tactics with our resident psychologist and advertising executive. When all contestants have cast their vote they are all called in and told how many votes they had cast against them, the person with the most votes being eliminated. In the event of a tie, all contestants discuss again, and there's a revote until there's a clear decision.

When there are only three contestants left the game changes slightly. One vote against somebody rules them out of the £5,000 immediately. Usually one person would get two votes, one person one and one person is in the clear to take the cash. On occasion they'd each get a vote, in that case the money rolls over to the next show.

Theme music

Paul Farrer


The coloured rooms were actually a production trick - there was only one room with differently coloured lighting. Whilst one team were filmed chatting, the others were backstage listening to music through headphones. The conversations were then edited to be cut between as if it was all happening at once. Clever, huh?

The show was sold abroad to, of all places, Turkey.


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