Double Entry



not known


Playboy TV, 26 May to 29 July 2003 (10 episodes & 10 Xtra episodes in 1 series)


Aw, ain't that quaint? It's a show about bookkeeping! But with the subtitle "Making It Big". We thought diddling figures was an offence in this country… oh. It turns out that this was about 'diddling' of a completely different kind...

In fact, this was a competition to direct the best adult movie. It was only notable for the fact that Victoria Coren and Charlie Skelton showed up in the last episode to judge who had won.


Thirty-second previews were available for download on WAP mobiles.

Aired Mondays at 10pm, with another half an hour airing the day after as "Double Entry Xtra". Surely it would've been better to air them as a one hour block?


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