Eat Your Words (1)



Konnie Huq

Simon Parkin


Julia Binsted

Vincent Brimble

Philip Fox

Janet Spencer-Turner

Mark Speight


Brechin for GMTV, 15 October 1994 to 1 June 1996


This ran in the early hours of GMTV. The gameplay saw a number of kids aged about 6-9 set word related challenges - putting letters in alphabetical order and so forth. The prizes were rather unappetising looking biscuits cut in the shape of letters.

Tragically, given that the children exhibited a look of resigned depression that was almost zoological, they obviously had difficulty finding kids to go on and the same kids would reappear day after day.

The show had a very small budget, and may have been produced as a franchise commitment from the breakfast company - in the days before Teletubbies, children's programming was a loss-leader.


Clive Doig


The show was taken off the air because of a trademark dispute over the title name.


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