Eat the Town



Natalie Erskine and Dazza


BBC Studios for BBC Scotland, 22 December 2021 to present


Two comedians visit a town (Cumbernauld in the pilot, Forfar and Fraserburgh and Dumfries for the first series). Natalie tries to impress Dazza with her choice of activity and food; Dazza tries to impress Natalie with his choice of thing to do and thing to eat. The pair score each other's food and entertainment choices, and there are bonus points to be had. Whoever's got the most points at the end of the show wins dessert.

What's in the bag today, Dazza?

Eat the Town finds joy in life's little things. At heart, it's the simplest format. Two cheeky people go to a town for the day, take the piffle out of each other, eat all of the food, and enjoy each other's company. The little competition binds the show together, and brings out the competitive side in both comedians.

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