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Former England football player and captain of a highly successful Liverpool side in the 1970s, including a European Cup win in 1977. Outside football, he is best known for his lively performances as team captain in the BBC quiz show, A Question of Sport - most memorably when he misrecognised a picture of a mud-covered Princess Anne as that of a man, namely jockey John Reid. (He then had Princess Anne on his team two weeks' later and she jokingly threatened him with her handbag on at least one occasion - this gave the show some very high ratings, surprise, surprise!) He defected to ITV to captain a team on the less successful Sporting Triangles.

He died from a brain tumour in 2004, at the age of 57.


His nickname was Crazy Horse.

Hughes appeared on ITV's 'After They Were Famous' a few years before his death, revealing that he was co-running a merchandising company with his son.

Both his children are named after him - his son is also called Emlyn, while his daughter's name is Emma Lynn.

Don Whitehead tells us: "While he played for Liverpool, Emlyn lived in Formby and used to enjoy a game of dominoes at his local pub, The Railway. He was a true gentleman."

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