Family Catchphrase



Andrew O'Connor


Action Time for The Family Channel, 1993-4


It's Catchphrase! It's dumbed down! It's Family Catchphrase!

Maybe that's a trifle unfair. Andrew O'Connor was reasonably good at hosting it (proving once and for all Andrew O'Connor is a reasonable host) and it was played with two teams of two, a young teenager and a parent.

The first few rounds they work together, the next few only one plays. They don't play for money but it did introduce something that they eventually introduced in the main show: the gradually lowering jackpot for the Bonus Catchphrases.

Going through the M square normally won a holiday to Alton Towers which isn't quite going round the world, is it?


The format was originally tried out on ITV as a one-off family edition of Catchphrase itself (with Roy Walker hosting) before spinning off into its own series.


Based on the original Catchphrase show devised by Stephen Radosh.


File:Family catchphrase oconnor.jpgHe's not a paddy, he's a very naughty boy.


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