Fonn Fonn Fonn



Gilleasbuig Ferguson


Carina Macleod and Roddy Munro (team captains)

Findlay Napier (musician)


BBC Alba, 29 October 2014 to 25 December 2015 (22 episodes in 2 series + 1 special)


A music quiz in Gaelic, played by two resident captains and four viewers.

As well as the usual fingers-on-buzzers questions, rounds included: spot the song being played at high speed on the ukelele, songs played on the kazoo and other instruments, and spotting a tune from seven beats of music. The show always ended with the host and players playing instruments.

Teams perform that song from Titanic.

Highlight of the show may have been the round where the lyric of a hit song was translated into Gaelic. It brings a new dimension to such hits as "Milkshake".


Fonn Fonn Fonn had a BBC Alba budget. It eked out those pennies by not including any pre-recorded music clips. Every tune was played live in the studio, so the producers only had to pay royalties on the song, not the recording.

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Gilleasbuig bangs the drums.


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