Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway



Richard Madeley


Panel: Jeffrey Archer, Duncan Bannatyne, Jacqueline Gold, Simon Jordan, Kanya King


Fever Media for ITV1, 2 January to 13 February 2007 (7 episodes in 1 series)


For years, the News of the World's very own Cap'n Cash ("he boosts the needy and bashes the greedy") has been doling out money to anyone who writes in to the scandal rag for hundreds of pounds for their charity, house extension or holiday to Marbella. Seems then that the notion of begging for entertainment has now reached modern television.

Contestants have one minute to make an appeal for money from the resident panel of ridiculously wealthy people, each of whom will give away £200,000 (of their own money, though they can probably write it off against tax). Contestants are questioned by the panel and must get a majority vote in their favour to take the money away. The beggers - and they are beggers, believe us - can ask for anything, from a tummy tuck to cancer treatment to a belly dancing holiday. The aim is to donate £1 million over the course of the series.

It's an updated version of the 1950s format State Your Case, with elements of Dragons' Den and Without Prejudice? in the mix. Because of its extremely brash nature, with some nasty pieces of work as panellists, its a very difficult show to watch on a full stomach - almost American in its brashness.

Roll on Evan Davis, we say.

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