Four Rooms



Anita Rani


Gordon Watson
Emma Hawkins (2011)
Andrew Lamberty (2011-2)
Jeff Salmon (2011-2, 2014-)
Celia Sawyer (2012-)
Jonny Elichaoff (2013)
Maurice Amdur (2013)
Shaun Clarkson (2013)
Tamara Beckwith (2013)
Tom Bolt (2013)
Alex Proud (2013-)
David Sonnenthal (2013-)
Peter Ratcliffe (2013-)
Raj Bisram (2013-)
Wendy Meakin (2013-)

Voiceover: Caius Julian (2012)


TalkbackThames for Channel 4, 24 May to 12 July 2011 (8 episodes in 1 series)

Boundless for Channel 4, 21 March 2012 to present 15 March 2015 (46 episodes in 4 series)

Boundless for More4, 8 July 2015 to present


Members of the public bring along their collectibles to sell to one of four buyers. However, they can only hear each buyer's offer one at a time, and they cannot go back to an offer once they have rejected it, meaning they must decide whether to stick with the offer they have received, or move onto the buyer in the next room in the hope their offer might be better.

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The show publicised the hashtag #fourrooms.


Show host Anita Rani
The Ruritania entry for the Eurovision Song Contest

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