Gameshow of Thrones



Sue Perkins


Team captains: Rob Beckett and Jonathan Ross


Zank & Co for Sky 1, 29 March 2019


Throughout the 2010s, television drama Game of Thrones was Sky TV's hottest programme. Across eight series, millions of viewers were enthralled by the battles and characters of Westeros. To promote the final series, they aired a one-off panel game involving celebrity fans and some of the cast.

Rounds were mostly trivia about the earlier series. Sue's Wheel of Misfortune asked what sad fate befell some character or other. There was a merged faces round, and a round where players named as many deceased characters as they could - Game of Thrones is famed for its death rate.

Game of Thrones is also famed for its adult nature: while there was no sex or gore on screen, buzzers were profane. Video clips included some from the Game of Thrones set in Northern Ireland, and Rylan Clark-Neal describing events he's watching.

Even though Game of Thrones is outside this site's purview (it's not a real game, folks), we enjoyed this clip-and-quiz show. The rounds were inventive and authentic, and everyone involved had a fun time.


Jonathan Ross, Joel Dommett, and Hannah Waddingham beat Rob Beckett, Rickie Haywood-Williams, and Kate Dickie.

Jonathan Ross collects panel show wins.

Theme music

Lawrence Oakley

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