Gareth Malone's All Star Music Quiz



Gareth Malone


Twenty Twenty for BBC Two, 27 September 2018


Six famous faces join Gareth Malone and his house band for a series of fun little games.

Players were asked to identify a famous tune from the first four notes, and then play it themselves. A familiar song was cut down into its component tracks, tunes were played backwards, and drum patterns were played for everyone else to join in.

Introducing the band.

The show was commissioned for BBC Music Day, and demonstrated the pleasure of a jam session amongst friends. We came away singing the show's praises, as out of tune as ever.

Key moments

YolanDa Brown playing the sax solo from "Baker Street" flawlessly. And backwards.

Title music

Performed live by the panelists and the house band - Richard Beadle, Matt Greaves, Justin Shaw, Beth Symonds, Martin Williams.

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