Get Your Kit Off


Tania Strecker


Brighter Pictures for Channel 4, 12 January to 9 March 2001 (9 episodes in 1 series)


Y'know, for a show that's on late Friday night on a very small budget this is surprisingly watchable actually.

Two teams of studenty couples are asked to find clothes so that one of the players in each team can be dressed in a particular style and what's more they've only got until midnight to do it.

But, you're probably thinking, how are they going to get all these fine clothes when the shops are closed? The answer is, yes!, ritual humiliation. Basically, each team has got to beg random members of the public to donate their hat/shirt/trousers/shoes to the good cause. This usually involves running up to people and going "Hi, I really REALLY need those shoes. We will do ANYTHING for you if you'll give us those shoes!" And this is where the fun lies because stupidly, many members of the public will say 'yes' if our contestants will, say, strip to their underwear in the street or randomly pull someone's hair proving that yes, people really will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame.

When midnight comes our contestants meet up with the host and the resident fashion expert who changes from week to week and tries to look interested. Often, hilariously, the winners will be the ones who put the least effort into it. Anyway, they'll win a year's free membership to a trendy club/gym/whatever whilst the losers get forced to walk home, get this, in their underwear! Ha ha ha! Losers.

So, then in summary then it's cheap, cheerful and very silly. If you like this thing, it's not bad at all. If you don't, it's a perfect example of "LCD" television.


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