Emma Willis


Studio Lambert for ITV2, 26 September 2012 to 2 October 2013 (16 episodes in 2 series)


Girlfri3nds took three single young women, put them in a house together, and followed them as they sought love. In the first two episodes, the women were - as a group - given short dates with a hundred gentlemen, from which they were each allowed to invite six back. Subsequent episodes gave the various couples chances to get to know each other better.

The game show element was small - at the end of each episode, the women were given a maximum number of men they could invite through to the next show. Only if the invited men consented would their relationship continue.

The main tone we got from Girlfri3nds was of women being pleasant and supportive with each other. Host Emma Willis interacted with them; mostly her role was to ask the questions and encourage them to talk about their dates.

A light and fluffy programme, well targeted at its audience of young women, many of whom got caught up in the unfolding story. Viewers with Y chromosomes tended to find the show a turn-off.


Based on the Israeli series Three created by Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.


Originally announced as Three, before changing to the slightly more helpful name of Girlfri3nds.

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The show publicised the hashtag #girlfri3nds.


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