Simon Biagi


Carlton for Carlton Select, 1 September 1997 to 2000


This one's a shame, really, as Clive Doig is normally the gamesmeister for this type of show.

Not exactly a Crosswits-style set is it.

The host is not to be confused with Simon Onion-Bhaji, who we've just invented. Gridlock is a word game which is neatly scheduled so it coincides with the rush hour (but we don't think that was intentional).

The host Simon Biagi cupping his question cards.

Three contestants played Catchword-type games in order to win points and go through to the finals. There were three rounds (four for the winner, who got to play a bonus round to win extra points).

Contestants await to lock the grids.

In Round One, clues would be read out to a word with several different meanings. The first one to buzz in scored points and got to place a letter on a 6x5 grid. The idea was to make words on the grid, the longer the word the more points.

The Round 1 board

Round Two was a simple word search, the players would be given a grid and a category and had one minute to find all the words associated with that category.

Contestants attempt to find words while the timer ticks down for Round 2. Can you "witness" an obvious one staring right at you?

Round Three was very Catchword. The players would be given three letters and the first one to make a word with the letters in the correct order won points, the longer the word, the more points.

OMI - Oh My Indigo

The winner at the end of all this was given 90 seconds to make more words in a grid. But to make things a little trickier three letters were placed randomly at the start.

Bonus round in progress

If we were being honest we'd say that this was a bog-standard word game show that does what it does alright, but not particularly well. And we are being honest, because you wouldn't expect less from the UK Game Show Page, would you? (Glint, smile)


Devised by Clive Doig and Carol Frankland.

Theme music

Donald Gould


Recorded at Carlton Studios in Nottingham.


Not one, but two full episodes from 1997.


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