Guess This House



Saira Khan


12 Yard for ITV, 27 July to 28 August 2015 (25 episodes in 1 series)


House valuation for the impatient.

Two pairs of players spend ten minutes in a house. During that time, they're expected to value the house. And, separately, value the contents. Bonus points come from selecting which of two prices is right for some objects in the house.

The points turn into extra time in the third and final house, where there's just one question: value the house and contents together. The winning team takes £1000, and can double that if they spot the actual answer from two options.

SPOILER: it's real silver gilding, so £650.

The segments with players in the house are pacey, cut quickly from scene to scene, and we don't feel we've missed anything important. We viewers are treated to some additional information, little price tags appear on screen to say how much some items are worth. Host Saira Khan sounds as though she knows what she's talking about, even if she tends to lapse into estate agent speak.

Guess This House is a lunchtime entertainment, filling in the Loose Women slot. It's brisk, energetic, and upbeat. Viewers can join or leave part-way through, and they've seen something enjoyable.


Developed by James Wooley and Liz Gaskell.

Theme music

Ed Godsall wrote the original music.

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