Gunge Grant



Jake Humphrey


Angellica Bell and Simon Grant


BBC Scotland for BBC One, 2004 to 2005 (as part of The Saturday Show)


A segment on the rather boringly-titled The Saturday Show. And it's the end of Crush a Grape all over again! A child and Simon Grant sit in a gunge tank. They each have five lives and they answer questions on particular subjects, chosen by a 'category selector'. If they give a right answer, their opponent loses a life. If they get it wrong, they lose a life. And if they lose all five... well you can guess what happens. If a child wins (about 50-50) they get an MP3 player.

In the second series, the other presenters could also be gunged, with the title being tweaked to Gunge GBH (Grant, Bell & Humphrey). The star prize was also better, with a Sony PlayStation 2 on offer, although the questions were made much harder.

A nice game show segment on a decent Saturday morning show.

Key moments

The boy who thought that a tabby cat was the fastest cat in the world.


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