Dylan Ebenezer


Dyl Mei, Mari Lovegreen (team captains)


Rondo Media for S4C, 12 April 2012 to 11 September 2015


A Welsh-language panel game about modern communication platforms.

Rounds included Who's the Twit?, in which we might learn that Usain Bolt and Wayne Rooney both microblogged in Welsh. App-ealing asked the panel to devise things for mobile devices to do, such as remind you when to take a snooze.

There were buzzers using sound effects supplied by the guests, from which they could tell an anecdote. There was a mystery guest, famous for making a viral video, and there was a missing words round.

The programme moves along at a very good pace, it crams a lot into its half-hour. Enough of the jokes survived translation for us to chortle a fair few times, though it might be difficult to make a pre-watershed version of this show. It's a panel game using new tech as a peg to hang very familiar comedy ideas, and the panel - particularly residents Mari and Dyl - make the show feel fresh.

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