High Tackle



Gabby Logan


Wales team: Eddie Butler, Boyd Clack and Rhod Gilbert


Presentable for BBC One Wales, 6 February to 27 March 2009 (4 episodes in 1 series)


From past experience, BBC Wales appears to find it difficult to come up with a TV rugby quiz that could be considered rather good.

This effort is a local companion panel game to the Beeb's Six Nations rugby coverage with an all-Welsh team taking on some counterparts from whichever country Wales was facing in the rugby that weekend (apart from France and Italy for almost obvious reasons). Gabby Logan seems to try perhaps a little too hard to emulate Nick Hancock and in some areas of the first episode, the producers' answer to the problem was some shoddy editing.

Things did appear to settle down after the pilot but still, give us Codi Canu for decent Grand Slam-related telly any day.


The series drew to a close with a compilation special (though how you manage to create a highlights package from just three programmes is beyond our limitations).

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