Hot Like Us



Voiceover: Kieran O'Brien


Mentor: Jonathan Phang

Judges: Emma Kenny and Jody Furlong


BBC Productions Salford for BBC Three, 2 November to 14 December 2011 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Eight good-looking couples live together in a luxury Manchester mansion. Each week, the couples must take part in a modelling task, under the tutelage of mentor Jonathan Phang, and while they are being assessed by judges Emma Kenny and Jody Furlong. However, the judges aren't just looking at how good they are as models. As the winners receive a joint modelling contract with an agency, and will be expected to model together for years to come, the judges are also looking to see how strong each couple's relationship is. Each week, after the task, the judges gather the couples to critique both their performances in the task, and also their impressions of the strength of their relationship. After this, the judges reveal which couples are in their bottom three, before offering more feedback to the three couples. After a final discussion between themselves, the judges reveal which couple will be eliminated from the competition that week. Subsequent episodes play out in a similar fashion, with one couple leaving each week, before the remaining couples battle it out in the final, the conclusion of which sees one couple declared the winners.


According to the credits, the format was devised by 'The Three Team'.

Theme music

Don't Cha by the Pussycat Dolls.


Contestant Stuart Pilkington previously appeared as a housemate in the ninth series of Big Brother.

The programme saw its ratings halve between the first and second episodes, and halve again for the third episode, resulting in the BBC moving it from 9pm to 7pm. However, this only served to worsen the problem, as ratings for the fourth episode slipped below 85,000 viewers - less than a fifth of the ratings the opening episode had received a month earlier.

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