I'd Do Anything (1)



Ian Wright


Transworld International for BBC One, 26 April 2003 to 7 August 2004 (16 episodes in 2 series)


Ian Wright pretends to be a Jimmy Savile for the new millennium. (Not in that way, no.) Each week he gives people the chance to give their loved ones their dream. But to do it they must be prepared to do anything. The stunts involved range from light-hearted humiliation (earn £80 in a day being a street mime, acting in a lead role in a play to a packed house) to Don't Try This at Home!-esque stunts such as walking on beds of hot coals and broken glass or riding a bike off of the end of a uncompleted road.

File:Id_do_anything.jpgI'm "Wright" in front of a screen.

Theme music

Unsurprisingly, the theme tune is a synth version of I'd Do Anything from the musical Oliver!


The format was sold to the States for the ESPN network, where the treats and tasks were sports-themed.


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