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Amanda Ross


Cactus TV for Anglia (regional), 28 April to ? 1999


Having invented several game shows herself (see XYZ, Upshot) it's nice to see Amanda Ross get a chance to host a show. In this case, its a show where four contestants use hunches to guess which comments apply to certain contestants whilst learning something along the way (In-tuition, geddit?). Put another way, its the show where "the contestants are going to entertain each other".

Round one involves each contestant picking a comment or anecdote on the board and then applying it to another contestant. If they guess right they win 10 points, if wrong they can reguess for 5. Once a comment is used it is replaced with another one. You can't pick any that apply to you and each person has one go.

Round two brings the -tuition part into it. Before the show, the contestants went to a class on something together, in this case it was learning to merengue (that's the Latin dance, not the dessert). We see shots of the contestants learning to dance. After the clip, the males are asked a question about the females. Three anecdotes come up, one applies to each female and one was completely made up. Once they've decided, the girls announce which one is theirs and the blokes score 10 points for every one correct. Then the female contestants do it for the boys.

After the break, we see an individual clip of how they thought the lesson was going and after each clip, another three anecdotes come up about the person in question. Using the multi-coloured cubes, the players select which one they think fits. Once they've selected the player announces which one's correct and correct answers earn another 10 points and every one gets a go.

In the final round, each contestant has bought something in, a pair of lucky pants or their Aunt Grenelda or something. Out of a choice of three things, the actual object and the two fakes, the players use their cubes to announce their intentions, a correct answer earning 20 points. And everyone gets to be the subject.

The winner is the one with the most points and the other players apparently get to choose their prize (given a choice of three and using their cubes), although in the episode I watched they all wanted to give her a TV and Video Combined which seemed a bit convienient. Especially when there was also a year's supply of cheese availiable (c.f. Last Chance Lottery).

Lacks pace, but is original and can be entertaining.


Amanda and Simon Ross.


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