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Volunteers keep updated for the benefit of game show fans and media professionals around the world. The main ways in which new users can help us are:

  • Supply missing information on the site.
  • Correct any information you know for sure is wrong.

Thanks to our technical staff, our site has been designed to use the very latest 'Wiki' technology as used in sites such as Wikipedia. This means many people can update the site at once using little editing knowledge and no software is required other than your Internet browser.

How to apply

In order to edit the site, you'll need us to supply you with a user login. But first we'd like to set you a little test of your game show prowess. Have a go at answering the following questions:

Q1) Name any UK game show that has a named mascot.
Q2) Which one is geographically the odd one out: The Moment of Truth, Under Pressure, The Vault, Endurance, Takeshi's Castle?
Q3) Name any UK game show which was presented by its own producer.
Q4) What is the link: a mug tree, an umbrella, a paper weight, a ladder and a dustbin?
Q5) Name any two UK game show hosts that are related (e.g. husband and wife, father and daughter)

To apply, send your answers together with a few sentences about why you want to work on the site to

Thanks for your interest in!

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