Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz



Jonathan Davies


Eleri Sion


BBC One Wales, 9 March 2016 and 9 March 2017


What happens when you want to make a clip show about the Six Nations' rugby, but don't have enough clips to make a full hour? Rather than pad out with talking heads like every other clip show in the world, Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz filled time with a pub quiz.

Eleri Sion was the no-nonsense quizmaster, and after every piece of archive footage came a question. Jonathan exchanged banter with the celebrity teams and insults with England. In the background, fans of the four Celtic League sides - and RGC of north Wales - tapped answers on their keypads. The fan who got most right won a holiday.

The show was mostly about the rugby clips and banter: the quiz was a way to group clips together.

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